It has been a while since one of my children wanted me to make them something. In fact the last little pewter covered box I made at request had Pokemon on it and held an eight year old’s card collection.


So when my son asked me to make business card holders as an office gift I jumped at the opportunity to roll out the metal tape again.

I was under no illusion that it was my artistic prowess that prompted this request-I knew it was a purely cost effective decision on his part…seeing as this gift would be “free” ….

Because the resident handyman declined to make something as “fiddly” as a six slot business card holder I had to resort to the Staples acrylic version

and added a mdf panel for the back and base. To glam it all up I taped everything with metal adhesive tape, distressed it with a texture tool and painted it with black acrylic paint.

While the black paint was still wet I wiped it off and the residual paint in the textured areas gave it a nice patina.



I added some gold and copper leaf to the logo design and sealed all with clear, glossy spray lacquer.

I think I am back in the business of making custom art for family members…even if it is only because I am cheap… ; )