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  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars. This handy little double-sided plastic tool has a pointed end that can be used to emboss, refine and neaten your metal work. The flat wedge side can be used to erase embossed lines on metal as well as neaten and shape your metal. Handy to help transfer design onto metal from stencils and texture molds. Can be sharpened by rolling over a fine grit sanding¬† paper.
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    All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Reig No. 3  Dry Needle Cutting tool for Metal foil
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars. MercArt Metal Embossing Tool set contains 8 double-sided, high quality tools with brass, steel and teflon tips. Tool handles lenghts measure 11 cm. Each Set Contains : 1 stylus/refiner, 3 different texture wheels, brass brush, 3 sizes ball and cup tools sized no 2- 1.98 mm, no.4-3.95 mm and no.6-6.07 mm and 4 teflon tips  
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