When I asked my friends for  juice concentrate lids a couple of years ago in a Facebook post I got only one response. My friend Lyne, an organic farmer in New Brunswick and also the Queen of recycling has been steadily sending me metal lids by the bucket load and has also kindly canvassed her adult children to do the same….I have made many little magnet artworks with these …to be exact, probably about a hundred! I had to find a new way to work my way through those little lids that keep arriving by special delivery and I decided to combine it with my latest cheap and dirty medium ; metal adhesive tape….

Metal Adhesive Tape, Juice concentrate lids and bits and pieces, metal tools (remember, anything that makes a mark is a tool) Black, water based permanent marker, contact adhesive.

Stick the embellishment on the lid with the tape and burnish with the paper stump.

Using your metal tools add some debossing and scratchings on the tape. Cover with black acrylic paint on waterbased permanent marker, rub off.

Glue lids together, add a stick covered with tape and a little flowerpot (tape covered of course…) and voila! Five lids used – 225 to go.