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Keeping it simple

This is my year for keeping things simple. The grand plan is also to”use it or lose it”.  Like many crafters I tend to collect and “save” supplies for future projects…but then something new and exciting comes along and the thrill of imagined art awesomeness replaces any practicality my frugal mom worked so hard to cultivate. Receiving a [...]

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A toe outside the comfort zone…

I have been dallying for a very long time about starting a blog about metal art and my somewhat compulsive need to be creative. In the past  I have been really successful at finding an excuse not to do it…too busy, too tired,  blah blah blah… However, finding myself currently only a  part time employee [...]

A toe outside the comfort zone…2016-12-17T20:14:14+00:00

Metal Tape Mania

When I asked my friends for  juice concentrate lids a couple of years ago in a Facebook post I got only one response. My friend Lyne, an organic farmer in New Brunswick and also the Queen of recycling has been steadily sending me metal lids by the bucket load and has also kindly canvassed her adult [...]

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